Amy the Alien Warrior Kitty

I post here the original version of the interview I made of Amy,the wonderful model.



Basic presentation :

My name is Amy,I’m  Italian, 38 years old, a tattooist,an  extreme alternative model ( Not a suicide girl!!! ).I am also a  piercer,a painter,an animals’lover,  a sports and fitness’ lover, a vegetarian, and a  Buddhist .


Since how many time are you into modeling ? And what was the trigerring factor which put you in this world ?


I started modeling about 15 ages ago.. For about 5 years.Then for health problems gave up and have begun again as alternative model 3 years ago.

I started modeling because honestly, it was an easier way to be independent quickly.. Easier & quicker than a  » common » job.


What types of photos have you done yet ? And what types would you like to try ? And why ?

Almost all kind of photo. I love all types and now with a STRONG IMAGE as mine… I totally want to experiment … Shootings classic for my image: dark, gothic, steampunk , pagan,horror , fantasy…Totally fascinated by them… But also settings that are in  » contrast »… Like neoclassical subjects, scenery connected with nature, gipsy or new hippy, artistic naked shootings, wild nature photos… I do not want to be classified only in one thing.. I will try to break the limits and boundary . This would be amazing




Are you interested in being the photographer ? Have you ever experienced that ?



Yes. Totally in love with all the arts connected with ages: tattooing,painting,modeling, photograghy( actually studying it). Art is art… Just express yourself no matter the way you choose to do it.



What’s your point of view about body modifications ? How many piercings and tatoos have you got ?

Piercings: the numbers of them is always very different  I pierce by myself… Actually …not many in my face cause I am healing from heavy body mods(7 implants) .. In my body about 14.

Tatoo : one.My body is the canvas and I am going on painting everything. About 80% of my body.




What are your inspirations for your works ?


just be myself and follow my very personal idea of beauty .. Not a conventional one

And a way to outstand from the HUMAN people .. I mean that I want to be unique in my way and more connected with animals’world than to the human one. Animals read your soul , smell your body and feel your energy…only Humans stop to physical appearance and judge u for it.




Have you ever tried any other form of art ( drawing, writing, music,…) ? If yes, do you continue, or why won’t you go on ?


Yes sure. I love tattooing, drawing and painting, I studied ballet when I was very young and actually I am learning playing as DJ, as drummer( not professional one obiouvsly) and I am studying singing, dancing( Latin and pole) , and photography .


I will always try to go on learning and studying as much as I can … Till I will have the strength to fight, breath and think. Never stop and give up



Up to you, what should be the role of an artist in nowadays’ society ?


Really I don’t know nowadays the meaning of the word ARTIST ,because in this society with all the socials and all the  » tricks » of technology … Lots of people define themselves ARTIST like professional photographer …just because they take 100 shots with an iPhone…. This is to explain that .. To me actually it is very HARD to define who or WHAT a real artist is.. So… I really prefer to give up this point.


What advices would you give to an amateur model ?


Use your brain… Not only your body. You are not the only one … Lots of others will become after you … So keep you mind focused on humility and on your personal goals… And always remember … An empty beautiful body wIll give you RIGHT NOW POPULARITY … But if you don’ t feed your soul … You  won’t survive to the moment when the popularity will abandon you:Beauty is temporary and frail Inner one is forever and ever.



Could you tell me a funny memory of one of your shooting and a weird one .


weird: … BAD…..Classic situation… All models pass through this… Unprofessionalism…. People who do not want to ONLY work… Funny: try to shoot naked in the snow. It was totally scaring for me… I suffered a lot cold… I became ill… I was trembling .. I was red for the cold… It was terrible… But I want to do it another time to fight the trauma…….




What do you do as work ? Would you like to live out of modeling ?


I am a tattooist.. Alternative model… Painter.. Soon dj and don’t know.No … Because I am not only a model and not a classical or an alternative one.. I am me… Different.




How do you consider your body ?


I consider it as a shape of life in continuously evolution… My very personal evolution




Have you big dreams ? ( such as travel around the world, work with a specific artist, do a specific thing in your life ?)


I have a lot of plans… I can tell you this…  my own home in the woods with my husband and animals

And travel… To wild places!!!!




When do you begin to modify your body and what’s the reactions around you ?


I was  21,when I had my first tattoo.. A Garfield on my  gluteus




What do you do in your free time ? 


spare time: relaxing with meditation, reading, painting, sports( gym, stretching, yoga, dancing), horse riding , listening to music .. Lot of music from different kinds…




Have you some specific projects for this year ? ( a specific collaboration, a trip to a given point of Earth,…)

modify my body Playing as dj Modeling in different projects Rejoin with my cats( miss my babies )

Contact :



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