Ellie Paisley (EN)

I found her Facebook profile during one of my researches for people to interview.I truely love her art, her way of life, her looks and outfits, for sure.But more than this, I really appreciate the way she shines on people.I’m very lucky to be able to share with you some of her story, her knowledge and her projects.



Ellie Paisley, 22 – www.HazyPaisley.com


Did you learn to paint and draw on your own or were you taught by someone ? Who ?

I have always loved to draw and paint since I was a small child. I am lucky to have many friends that are talented artists and I feel I’ve learned so much in just the last few years by being exposed to their work and their process.

How would you describe your style ?

My paintings have a pretty whimsical psychedelic vibe to them. I love color and use a lot of it. In the past I’ve described my work as snapshots of an endless visualization.

What happens on a basic day for you ( I mean what is your daily routine)?

I don’t have a whole lot of “basic days” anymore. I split my time between two homes, one in Denver, Colorado and another in Woodstock, MD. I live in an art collective with other painters, and my boyfriend is also a painter so I am overwhelmed with art from the second I wake up in the morning. My boyfriend Aaron and I do a lot of traveling, sometimes it feels like we’re in the car, on a plane or in another country every other day. It can be stressful, but I feel very blessed and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Where do you live ( in a house or a van, or something else)?

 I live in an art collective called “Thriving Artists” in Woodstock. We are all live painters and very close friends. Together we have built my Technicolor Carnival, traveling rainbow circus and art gallery and tour across the country painting on the carnival and on stage every summer.


Do these trips inspirate your works ? And more generally from where comes your inspiration ? ( everyday life,dreams,…)

I love traveling, I’ve never lived in one place longer than a couple years my whole life so i’m very used to it. Aaron (my boyfriend) and I just returned from a business trip to Jamaica with the rest of our art collective. It was the most amazing trip I had ever been on and I genuinely miss it every day since we’ve left. I am endlessly inspired by culture, landscape, and people around the world. I have already done several paintings inspired by our last trip and we’ve barely been home a week!

What is your point of view on spirituality ?

Religiously I am Wiccan. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “spiritual” person, although many people tell me they connect on a spiritual level with my art. I don’t intentionally try to leave that mark on my work, I just make are because it makes me happy – but find it interesting when people do connect in that way.

Did you ever practice any other form of art ? Which one(s) ?

Other than drawing and painting, I also love playing the guitar and ukulele. I have been playing for over 10 years and although art is my main focus, music always will have a special and deeply personal place in my life. I also enjoy hula hooping and fire dancing with my friends.


What do you think about the alternative scene in the USA ?

I think there are so many “alternative” scenes in the USA it is hard to even distinguish them. As for myself, I work heavily in the music festival scene. Like every realm, it has its good parts and it’s bad, but it will always feel like home to me. The amount of creativity, concious effort, and connectivity associated with the festival music scene in the USA is something so specail, and something I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It is a magical place.

Would you describe yourself as « alternative » ?

 Not really, maybe other people would? I suppose having pink dreadlocks isn’t exactly “normal” to most people, but to me it would be strange to look any other way. I wouldn’t classify myself as anything other than Ellie Paisley, that’s all I know how to be.

What is your point of view about body modifications?Have you any piercings or tatoos ( or ideas you’d like to ink ?

 I think body modification is awesome. I don’t have a whole lot myself, just a few Star Wars and Grateful Dead tattoos but all of my roommates have crazy piercings and tattoos. At the end of the day I think it’s important to support people in the things that make them feel beautiful and good about themselves, and not to reserve judgement on things that are different.


Tell us three things you love and three things you dislike

I love Zuchini, Rainbows, and Dancing to Live Music

I don’t really like bacon, can’t stand the winter/cold and am terrified of sharks! (even in the bathtub, I know it makes no sense)

If you can be reincarnated in one specific animal, what would it be ?

If I could be any animal I think I’d want to be a fox. They are so brilliant and resilient! Sassy and strong and an absolute gift of nature.

What is your process of creating?How much time do you need to create a work of art ?

It depends on the size and intricacy of the piece. I’ve worked on some paintings for 2 hours and others for 2 years. For the most part I take about a week and a half working on a canvas.


What do you do for a living (if it’s not painting)?Would you like to like completly thanks to your art ?

    I am a live painter, I paint on stage with bands at their concerts. I also work as an Art Director in two different art galleries, and I own a non-profit Circus called “The Technicolor Carnival” which is essentially a giant rainbow art tent that I travel around the country with, collecting donations to fund arts outreach programs for children in inner cities and developing nations.

As a woman, what do you think about the role of a woman artist in today’s society ?

I think it extremely important for their to be more women artists. We don’t receive very much credit historically and I think in 2016 we can really start to change that notion. As an independant female artist, I can tell you it has been extremely hard. I was surprised to find that the art industry in America functions just like many other industries, where in my experience, women do not receive equal working conditions to men. This issue is something that has become one of the most serious issues I would like to help rectify in the future.

Where do you wish to travel ?

This next year i’d love to go Australia or New Zealand, I’ve never been to that part of the world and have heard it’s beautiful!

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/ellie.miller

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