Frantic Amber

As you may know I am a huge fan of metal music, and I really appreciate to interview bands,so this time I’ve chosen to interview a band I recently discovered on Youtube.I like the raw and deep voice of the singer, and the lyrics,…

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Could you present yourself, and all the members of the band ?

The band consist of Elizabeth on vocals, Mio on lead guitar, Mary on rhythm guitar, Madeleine on bass and Mac on drums.

How and where did you meet?

Mary had the idea and vision to play metal with other females and founded Frantic Amber. She put ads out on various “finding band members” websites and Elizabeth responded to the ad and they recorded some demos to find the rest of the members. Mary had her eye on Mio and asked her to join us and our journey begun. Later after some changes in the line­up Mac and Madeleine were asked to join the band. Mary knew Mac since long time ago and his other band was rehearsing in Frantic Amber’s studio. Mary met Madeleine for the first time at a friends party. Later when Frantic Amber was searching for a new bass player she was asked to join after we have heard her play at a gig. We are from four different countries and pretty much happened to be in Stockholm at the right time for Frantic Amber to come together.

Was it your first band or did you have others bands in the past ?

Mio: No I have played in many other bands in different genres before Frantic Amber.

Elizabeth: I’ve been in cover bands, choirs and orchestras in other genres before but Frantic Amber is my first band where we write everything ourselves.

Madeleine: I played in a heavy metal­band before I joined Frantic Amber that I still play in. Mac and Mary have both been playing in many different bands before Frantic Amber.

Why did you choose Frantic Amber as a band’s name?

Mary had already come up with the name when we joined and we all felt that it fitted so we stuck with it. At the beginning it was just a name randomly generated but over time it has come to mean the mixture of the brutal “Frantic” and the soft “Amber”

How would you describe the type of music you make ?

We play melodic death metal with heavy riffs, soaring guitar melodies and growling vocals. One can find influences from many other genres incorporated in our music which broadens the sound and keeps it interesting but we always keep our core trademarks of melodic death metal.


Do you find it difficult to stand out from the numerous unknown metal bands ?

Well, with us being a band with four females fronting on stage we automatically stand out but it’s been hard work getting to where we are.

What are your strengths?

Our strength is definitely our live shows. ­ This is where we shine and have the most fun!

What are your inspirations? (musically, for the lyrics, the visuals of the videoclips)

Since we are five very different people with each our influences, it varies a lot. This can be heard in the music. Mio is our main songwriter with inputs from the rest of us and that makes the music interesting in diversity. We have many influences from other genres which we put into the song writing. Elizabeth writes the lyrics and finds inspiration in life events, fiction, fantasy, issues of the world, personal experiences etc. It’s only the “Ghost” music video that is close to what the lyrics are about. We won a competition and went to Falun in northern Sweden to make this video. All the recordings were taken inside an abandoned old mansion. It really looked and felt like a haunted house and turned out great for the video.

How did you manage to shoot video clips?

All videos except “Ghost” have been ideas from our main video producer with inputs from us. Our biggest production yet was the “Burning Insight” music video where we portrayed different characters from horror movies in the side story and had a special make up artist to create zombies.


Do you prefer to play your music in gigs or to record it in the studios ?

We love the entire process from the first idea for a song, to recording it and to finally play it live. Going on stage and presenting our hard work is really rewarding and is where we get a huge energy outlet and express ourselves artistically.

Do you wish to be chosen for a record company like Napalm Records, or an other, and what is the criterias you have to fulfill to be chosen ( I mean how are you chosen : do you have to have played for a certain amount of time, do you receive propositions or have you to send proposals, do you need to go to “castings”,…)

It really depends on what would be in that offer. Being independent is also being free but of course it can be tough to make it all go around financially.

You choose to have a female lead singer,was it a strong choice to you, was it important? Why ? Why not?

Actually we started out as an all female band in the beginning so the choice was very simple. When the first drummer left we couldn’t find another female metal drummer so we just continued with guys on drums. It’s more important to us that we, the members in the band work well together and have fun rather than what gender they have.

As a feminine artist, do you feel concerned about the way women can be treated in the metal world, or to a larger extent in the whole music industry?

Well yes and no. We know who we are and what we stand for and for the most part we feel well treated. Nowadays there are more and more women in metal which also sets kind of a baseline for our presence in the scene. There are of course haters and uncomfortable moments in between where we have felt discriminated against but we focus on the overwhelmingly positive feedback. As time goes by it’s getting better when people get used to female musicians.

What are your projects for the 2016 year ?

At the moment we are writing new songs and would like to record a new video this year to release with our upcoming single and later on record another album. We have several festivals booked for this summer in Sweden as well as abroad and are in the process of booking a tour in Italy.

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