Domestic violence

The blood is pouring with a quite regular flow. Time could be beaten thanks to that.
It seems that she is once again unconscious,I should hit her less hard next time.
She is lying on the livingroom carpet, the eyebrow arch bleeding with a tumid face.
I went out on the balconny to smoke a cig, to calm down completly.
What the fuck she had in mind when she talked with one of her former college friend, while I was there ?
If she wouldn’t have done that, she wouldn’t be covered with her own blood, half dead in the living room, staining a carpet my parents give us for our wedding…
Everything was going fine since a few days, we got along well, I didn’t lay a hand on her for weeks, we were enjoying the week-end, having some time together, me playing the guitar and as for her, she was writing her new novel project…But that fool had to talk to a former friend while we did the food shopping at the local supermarket.She stared at him seeming to say « I would love to suck your cock if my bloody stupid husband wasn’t there » and she laughed as a retarded teenager to every joke he made… I kept the control over myself until she was done with tidy the errands, and sat on the sofa, wanting to watch the tv I guess… I got to the framing of the livingroom door and said :
« May I know who was that guy? »
« Don’t start honey, it’s not « that » guy, he is an old friend of fine, I already tell you »
« Friend you sure ? That’s why you stare at him with eyes of a wet pussy ? »
« Stop your paranoia…What do you mean exactly by « wet pussy » ? »
« You fucking retarded or what ? You stare at him and I could almost hear you thinking « I’d like to be hooked up by you, if my bloodystupid husband wasn’t there, I would let you fuck my doggystyle among the frozen food »
She turned away her glance to me, and looked up and down at me with a glance she wanted to be scornful.
« Coul you please stop talking nonsense, you do know I love you, and I don’t care about others, while smiling to try to reassure me, but it was too late, I felt my anger and my furiousness overflowing me, as if the the lid of a pressure cooker was exploding.
« I don’t give a fucking damn of your bitchy simpering, do you really think I didn’t see you laughing at every fucking joke he told ? I came closer to her, and placed myself in front of her, pulled her by the hair, and sent her head hit the corner of the coffee table.The effect was immediate, she began to cry and bleed at the same time.
Seeing her crying makes me just want to hit her harder, and strongly increase my anger towards her.
« Don’t you think I know you’re chatting with all those guys on Facebook ? Don’t you think I also see those whory pictures you post on your wall to be told how much you’re beautiful ? Because I am not enough for you, goddamn slut ! You pretty know what gonna happened to you if you continue, I’ll call my chums and they gonna bang you in some rubbish cellar , and it’ll be too late to beg me for mercy,I’ll let you die, fatty swine !
She was sitting on the carpet and looked down to her feet, so I took her chin in my hands, and punched her in her face, which makes her jaw crack, but doesn’t make he react, so I slapped her a couple of times .Which do make her react, since she was looking at me now, the blood began to dry on her temple and her cheek, and her hair stuck in the mix of blood, tears and sweat. She was looking at me seeming to mean « please, stop », but I was feeling a hard boner, almost painful which grows in my pants…This kind of look tend to make me have a stiffy…So I got up, unfastened my belt, let my pants felt down my knees, and did the same with my trunks… Then I grabbed her head with one of my hands, and put my dick in her mouth roughly completly.That was sweet, humid and warm….I went faster and faster as the excitment went higher and higher…The faster I went, the more she cried, and was about to chock each time I got a bot too deep… About to cum, I want to something she always forbid me…So I place her on all fours on the sofa…. I took off her panties with a hand and jerk off with the other… While crying she whispered to me « No, dear, I have my periods », it makes me smile and I bend over and told her to her ear « that’s fine bitch, I didn’t want to use that hole »
Understanding what I planned, she tried to pull herself out, afraid of what I meant, but I was behind her, and knead her boobs.I replace her where she was, without too much inconveniance, and penetrated her bluntly…That was so tight, so good that I came in a few minutes…Then, I throw her once again on the coffee table, and it makes her bleed her other eyebrow arch…Finally thanks to a last anger urge, I sat astride her and hit her with as much punchs I can….I calmed down when she wasn’t moving anymore at all..
While smoking, I became aware that I maybe killed the only woman I loved on Earth, but she deserved it anyway

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