Weekend Recovery

How did you all meet ?
Well originally the band was gigging under my name (Lorin Jane Forster) with a totally different line up – when i met Artur we were looking for another drummer – and as drummers all know each other I asked him if he knew anybody – but he himself was looking for a second band so the answer was obvious – Jordan was next on board – we actually found him on joinmyband – at the time I was playing guitar but wanted to focus purely on vocals so Jordan easily fit that gap, Matt was next on board – our old bass player left due to work commitments – Artur already knew of Matt and had him in mind – and on a drive home saw him walking home and shouted at him from his car – the next day he was in the band – and finally Sean – we NEEDED a second guitarist and we ALL knew Sean from gigging and the local scene so who we wanted was obvious and he agreed!
Have you already an experience of being in a band or was it the first time ?
Before I started this band I was a dancer – commercially I was working full time – but i was getting bored with being in the background and wanted to write my own music so I taught myself guitar by watching endless youtube videos and went from there!
Could you define the type of music you make ?
It’s hard to as we draw influence from so many genres – pop rock punk grunge as well as funk and soul – but if I HAD to I guess it would be in the pop/rock with a sprinkle of bass ass punk on top!
Why did you choose “ Weekend Recovery” as your band name ?
Well we needed to get rid of Lorin Jane Forster band – as I felt it was a little hey look at it – so we came up with a number of opinions (I liked Ninja Pandas!) but Jordan our guitarist is a massive fan of The Darkness an it’s actually a lyric from his favourite song
What are your inspirations ?
Personally my BIGGEST inspo is Katy Perry and Paramore (you can probably guess that) but I’m also very much into Bikini Kill, Green Day and My Chemical Romance – not just musically but their general attitude toward music and their fans.
As a band with a female singer do you find it more difficult to find a suitable place in the music industry ?
Not really – i think the industry is changing and it’s a lot more accepting now – I mean you still get the odd look like ‘Lets see what you’ve got » but I think for me it makes me want to show em what I’ve got more.
If you sing a duet with any singer ( dead or alive) who would it be ? Why ?
Billie Joe Armstrong but not so much because I want to sing with him but because I’d love to WORK with him and see how and where his inspiration comes from – I watched him recently give an interview about his musical American Idiot and how it fitted perfectly to his vision and that really made me think like how his albums all tie in together and their not just a collection of songs.
Do you try to convey a message through your songs ?

not so much a message but more of a feeling – like how the world is affecting me at that point when I write the song.

How is a song created ? Who does what ?
Usually it starts with me writing a few chords and a chorus – or a few voice recordings on my phone – then I show the guys and they always make it 100% better 🙂

Where would you love to make a concert ? And why ?
JAPAN! i love the culture, the fashion and how much they get behind a band, and also how beautiful the country is as a whole.

How do you manage to have the possibility to make a record ?
Save save save! Sadly being in a band isn’t cheap and is a lot of hard work – we worked with a guy called Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby Recording Company who we were dead lucky to find – he’s very creative but also takes into account our opinions and ideas.

What bands that are not known enough for you would you recommend ?
Troubled Heritage these guys are BANGING, skInny mIlk these boys are gonna smash it!

What is your favorite gig memory ?
St. Moritz Club in London – when we arrived the queue was out of the door – and they made us queue as well which was really funny and got to speak to some of the crowd too which was really really cool!

What are your projects for 2017 ?
TOUR! we’re doing a UK from feb 23rd -march 5th which is gonna be tiring as hell but also really eye opening ! watch this space!


Contact : https://www.facebook.com/weekendrecoverymusic/




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