Salvation Jayne

After having been dealing with kinda more serious subjects, I resume doing interviews with bands and musicians.Here is the interview I’ve been asked for for months :

Why do you call your band Salvation Jayne?

There’s no exciting story behind it we’re afraid! We all went to a show in London, and the next morning we were sitting in a cafe and there was a sign that said « formerly Salvation Jane ». We thought it sounded cool! We just added a Y into the Jane.

Could you tell us about your history? When did it all begin?

The band actually formed in 2013, but was very different back then. We have played a lot of shows, but it’s only really been the last 9 months or so that we evolved into the band you hear now.

When do you record your EP?

We recorded the new EP back in February of this year, it’s released on 2nd June.

How would you describe your music?

It’s definitely got a dark kind of feel, and is dirty/fuzzy. Alt-rock, with a hint of nu-wave!

How did you all guys meet?

Via the local music scene. Everyone knows each other around here (Kent, UK). Or at the very least everyone is connected on Facebook!

Is it your first experience in a band?

Far from it! We have all played in bands before, and between us we have done a lot of touring, writing and recording!

Would you consider your band as part of the underground culture? Why ? Why not?

Certainly at this stage we do. Although the songs have some cool hooks and would appeal to a wider audience, we’d very much like to keep in touch with our underground roots too. That’s often where the really interesting stuff happens.

What are your inspirations? (artists, singers, performers,…)

It’s really really varied to be honest. You’d never be able to pinpoint our sound based on our influences. But then that’s what can make a band sound unique. When bands listen to other bands who sound just like they do, it can get kind of boring.

There are elements of our songs that are influenced by bands such as The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke and other 80’s stuff – certainly the darker aspect of our music is influenced by that anyway, there are some indie and post-punk influences like Girls Against Boys, Rocket From The Crypt. There’s some modern dirt in there that’s influenced by the likes of The Black Keys, Royal Blood, White Stripes and other blues-tinged bands. We all like a good pop hook too! AND a lot of the vocal patterns are actually influenced by hip hop/rap. We’ve stolen more than a few cadences from Yelawolf and Biggie Smalls!

Who does what in the band? (who composes, writes the lyrics, arranges the sounds,etc…)

It’s very much a group effort. We don’t have a set way of writing really. Sometimes someone comes to practice with a guitar part, or sometimes it starts with a set of lyrics.

How do you experience the fact to have a female lead singer and female musicians?

We usually get an interesting reaction from people. There is often a stigma attached the female musicians in rock, that they’re not going to be very good. It shouldn’t be that way but sadly it often is.

What sort of « values », »messages » do you try to convey through your music ?

There’s no particular message as such, other than we want people to feel something when they listen, and interpret things in their own way. People find different meaning in all sorts of things depending on the way they are feeling. Make of it what you will

Would you could yourself feminist? Why ? Why not?

People see a bunch of girls playing music together and often assume there may be some kind of feminist connotation underneath it all. But that’s not the case here.

We’re just music fans/friends who want to do what we love doing. No other agenda.

What is your relationship with your fans?

We are lucky that we have a lot of really loyal supporters, we interact with them whenevee we can

What are your projects for 2017 and 2018?

Our EP comes out in June, and after that we have a few more things lined up on the way of live studio sessions, and another single which we will release later this year. For now we are just playing as many shows as we can and spreading the word about Salvation Jayne!


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