Mother Feather

I discovered this band while I was loosing myself on Youtube once again …I loved their flamboyant outfits and make ups and their music, that I found awesome, a perfect combination of the different music genres I like… So I take my courage in both hands and decided to ask them for an interview, and they accepted !!! 

I discovered their music thanks to the video of Mother Feather, and it was love at first sight… 



Why did you call your band Mother Feather ?

The name Mother Feather landed in my mouth by a direct message from my subconscious via Freudian slip. It started as an obscenity, tongue-twisted into the name of my deepest desire.

How would you describe the style of music you make?

A deeply-felt, NYC rock and roll come true. High energy, full-spectrum rock and roll as it should be: towering riffs and now-or-never urgency bolstered by pop precision and purity of mission.

In each of your records, could you pick your favorite and tell me why you choose it ?

This is like Sophie’s Choice! But if there is a gun to my head, I would say “Natural Disaster” from Mother Feather and “I Blow a Kiss” from Constellation Baby— both because they were written from a very subconscious place.

Who are your inspirations ? ( in terms of music, style, make up, genre)

I wear my influences on my sleeve— everything from Diana Ross to Miss Piggy to Iggy Pop to the Viktor and Rolf SS2010 show to Kabuki to Missy Elliott to every single era of Madonna’s entire career. My biggest vocal influences are: Belinda Carlisle, Marc Bolan, PJ Harvey, and Patsy Cline. I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb. People primarily know me as a rock singer these days, but I sing all kinds of styles— including a very special pop/80s rnb album I’ve been working on that will definitely surprise some people.

How much time do you need to do your make up ?

About an hour.

Is it difficult to perform in your area ?

Not at all, the challenge is getting to other areas!

What is your best memory of a show ?

The Nova Festival mainstage 2012, at the bottom of an extraordinarily muddy field (ok, pond) in Sussex, was definitely unforgettable. Mother Feather spent months fundraising, organizing, and rallying support to make the trip on our own, only to get a real taste of some extreme English weather that threatened to wash out the entire event. The kids that stayed in spite of the neck-deep mud and torrential storms were ready for a goddamn SHOW, and Mother Feather delivered. We’d come too far and worked too hard to be quieted by a surging river of mud, so we lassoed the lighting and rode it to glory.

Where would you love to perform ? ( any show on Earth, still existing or not )

Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and Glastonbury.

How do you construct a song ? ( who writes the lyrics, the melody…)

I do, and the writing process is bloody and brutal, which is why I do the bulk of the writing in private before I show it to anyone. Usually by the time I’m ready to share it, I’ve already been through hell and back. If I share a song with the band it means that I made it out alive.


You can follow them on Facebook, and on their official website

Check out their brand new video :

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