Pretty Addicted

I discovered this band while I was on Facebook, and I IMMEDIATELY felt in love with their universe, especially the way Vicious Precious looks, dresses, and her make up.

So I send them an email, and a message, they accepted but the questions get lost in some other reality, so I resend them on their Facebook page, and FINALLLY here are the answers !

Who is Vicious Precious ?

Vicious Precious is the sole songwriter and front(clown) person of Pretty Addicted.

Why have you choose « Pretty Addicted » as a name ?

It’s a cute but controversial story so maybe I shouldn’t say…

How do you create music ? ( what instruments, machines, synths,…) do you use ?

I use logic; using various plugins and outside sounds to make the tracks. I keep it simple in the studio and purely on the computer/mic. Live shows include a live drummer and bass player but that’s for a different experience so that what you get on the CD and what you get t a show are two different things. That is specifically so that you have to see us live to get that heavier experience and it also means we don’t just sound the same as on CD.

Who and what are your musical inspirations?

Any and all 90s. 90s music, 90s films, 90s vibes. Marilyn Manson & The Prodigy have always been the two biggest musical inspirations for my writing process and I take things from both when I’m creating. Of course you have to make sure you always stay original even when taking inspirations from other artists.

Is it difficult to find a record label ?

I mean, it is.
I personally don’t want to be on a smaller label. Not because I’m against them but because I believe in DIY until something big comes along and offers you something you couldn’t ultimately do yourself; albeit takes you longer.
Obviously the dream is those big things, that big label life, but I’m happy doing things DIY until then (fingers crossed!)

What is your best memory of a gig ?

There was something special about last year’s Rebellion Festival.
We played the Introducing Stage and it was full of old school punks and we weren’t sure they would “get us” but by the end, on our last song Mania, we had a room full of those punks dancing around like nutjobs and it made me so happy that I could do that!
I was told by a few people after that they’d never seen anyone dance at Rebellion before haha so that was amazing!
This year we’ve been asked to come back to play Main stage and I couldn’t be more honoured. What an opportunity!

Do you try to convey messages through your music ?

Absolutely. I don’t believe in music that doesn’t have a message or meaning.
I can’t stand by a song that’s there “for the sake of it”.
It needs to have a meaning or message.
My message is always to be true to yourself no matter who stands in your way, whether that be your family, lover, friends or people who hate you. It’s to be yourself in the rawest form, warts and all, and to be proud of it. I bare my soul in all my songs and my lyrics are meant to be unfiltered truth because that’s what I believe in and stand by.


Do you consider your music as underground ?

I mean, I guess so. I’m not sure what that means anymore because DIY and Underground are two different things and I do believe we have the material, aesthetic, message, heart and soul to be a band that lots of people know so whether it’s underground because of current circumstance or because that’s what it is, I don’t know..

Do you consider yourself as feminist ?

Oh absolutely. I absolutely love women.
Women are so strong. Sure, you get wankers who take things to the extreme and “ruin it for the rest of us” but it’s such a small percentage in comparison to real feminism and what that means.
Women are still often suffering in the music industry as well as many other careers and it needs to be raised and discussed and changed, not dismissed because of “feminazis” (the media loves to use those ladies as representation for feminism when it isn’t!)
Feminism is about EQUALITY. Everyone should be a feminist.

Considering the way you dress, people should tend to think that you are doing more rock or metal stuff, why did you choose electronic music rather than punk, metal or rock ?

I don’t believe that the way you look has anything to do with the music you like or make. That’s sort of a limited view that one aesthetic means one thing and that’s lame to be honest.
Also I don’t really dress the way other people dress so why would people assume anything?
I make dance music because I love dance music. It will always be alternative because I’m the one making it and I am alternative; it has an alternative style and I sing alternative vocals and there are definitely heavier songs, but I don’t believe in having to give things a definitive genre or put things in a box.
I call our style Dance Punk really just because journalists need to put something and it’s ultimately dance music with punk attitude so makes sense but, yeah, I don’t really care about genre labelling.

What are your inspirations ( in terms of music, make up, outfits,…) ?

Clowns and the 90s. That’s why I call myself Clown Spice!


If you could perform with any band or solo artist ( dead or alive) who would it be and why ?

Well it’s always been Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy.
My heart is absolutely in bits over the loss of Keith Flint and the fact I’ll never be able to meet him and tell him what he meant to me or see another Prodigy show just absolutely destroys me.
Manson, you’re not allowed to go anywhere!!!

Is « Pretty Addicted » a professional project or do you work to put food on the table ?

It is professional in the sense that it is not a hobby band and it is the most important thing in my life and I put it priority over my day job, but I do have a day job to pay for the roof over my head.
Artists in this day and age have to to be honest because there isn’t a whole lot of money in the music industry, at least not at this level, but I have the kind of job that allows me to do whatever gigs I like and it fits around the band so it’s definitely just a means to an end where music is my career.

What are your projects for 2019?

LOTS of things!
We’re about to start a crowdfunding campaign for album no 5! So I’ll be starting to write that.
I’m very excited about this one and it’s going to hopefully be our best yet!
We also have a few festivals we’re playing; Subkult in Sweden in June, Amplified in July and Rebellion in August so that’s really exciting!
It’s going to be a great end of the year for Pretty Addicted!

To follow their work :

Facebook page

Band’s website

Youtube channel

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