Hellga Protiv

Today, I share with you the interview of a wonderful artist I discovered thanks to her series on the different styles of goth… I love her way to draw, all her characters are so cool and empowering !

 How did you begin to draw ?
I have been drawing since early childhood and have not stopped since then.

Did you take lessons or did learn on your own ?
Since I have been drawing since three or four years, I learned many things myself gradually. In elementary school, I began to try to draw people, I watched others, I copied a lot from myself and my mother. Before entering the university I went to the course of academic drawing, composition and painting. But not for long, I needed it only for entrance exams. I can say that 90% of what I can do now I learned myself.

What are your inspirations ?
I constantly absorb visual content. What inspires me most is fashion, especially high fashion. Also Goth and Punk subcultures. And of course the people themselves.


On a percentage, how many of your drawings are orders?
Less than 5%. I rarely have orders.


What material do you use to draw ?
I start all my drawings on paper. Then I color with liners and markers. Most often I use Copic markers. Then I scan the picture and fix the flaws in Photoshop. Sometimes, but very rarely, I completely draw in Photoshop.

 Would you like to be a professional artist ? Why ?
What does it mean to be a professional artist? I am already an artist and a professional. Do I want to be a commercially successful artist? Yes, I would like my work to bring money in addition to pleasure. I never dreamed of a personal exhibition, but I would like to release an album of my drawings. 🙂

You define as radical feminist, what does it mean to you ?
Radical feminism has a fairly clear definition, which I adhere to.
Radical feminism finds the cause of oppression of women in patriarchal gender relations, and not in legal systems or class conflicts. Radical feminism focuses on the theory of patriarchy as a system of power that organizes society into a system of relations based on androcentrism.

 How your feminism appears in your art ?
100% of my content is painted women. I try to draw different women, not objectify them. It doesn’t always work out, but it is often related to my artistic skills. Also, I never draw orders that contradict my beliefs.


What is your relationship with social networks ?
I am hostage to them! Help! Haha! I have a lot of accounts both in international social networks and in Russian. I try to maintain life in them, respond to requests from subscribers and so on. I really want to seriously engage in my YouTube channel, but I still can’t find the time and energy for this. In general, social networks occupy a huge part of my life.

Would you like to collaborate with writers to work on a graphic novel/comic books ?

Of course! My biggest dream is to release my own comic books. I came up with a heroine for it 10 years ago. But I’m a very bad screenwriter, so this project has been frozen for many years. I am always open to cooperation. Only so far, unfortunately, no proposals have been received.

When do you begin to be a goth ?
I started in 2006 when I was 16 years old. Since then I went through many stages of growing up, but returned to the Goth subculture again with the birth of my daughter in 2015.

What does it mean to you ?
For me, this is primarily music and the rebellious spirit of the 80s. I even regret that my youth did not pass at that time. Where there is music, there is always a community, and where there is a community, there is a whole spectrum of unifying interests. Well, and the style, of course. Appearance is an important part of almost any musical subculture, and the Goth subculture here surpassed everyone. I love it.

Do you receive insults or threats for being goth, and how do you face them ?
I grew up in a small provincial town and there I often had to deal with aggression and insults on the street. Russian people are not always distinguished by tolerance, but in the early 2000s it was especially difficult. Now I live in St. Petersburg, it is the second largest city in Russia. Here people are much more tolerant. But now I have a different problem. I am a mother, and many are sure that my appearance does not correspond to my social status. I don’t care about someone else’s opinion of me and never made me stop.

What are your projects for the future ?
Sooooooooo many of them. In addition to drawing, I am also engaged in sewing clothes, cosplay, video translations, DIY and much more. In the near future I plan to release my merch and continue to develop both instagram accounts. The rest is a secret. 🙂


Find her work on Instagram, Deviantart, Redbubble and Parazitakuzok

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