Dope Saint Jude

I discovered her music thanks to an ARTE reportage on her, so I decided, on a sudden impulse, to send her an email to ask her ( or her agent) if I could interview her…
Surprisingly, she accepted, and even if I send them the questions quite lately, I finally received them a few days ago…

What are your inspiration for your music ?

I need to create and express myself and music is my outlet. It is the best way of self expression I have now.

With who would you like to collaborate on Earth (dead or alive), and why ?


How would you define the music you make ?

I define myself as an artist using hip hop as my medium.
I make all kinds of music, it is really tough to define.

How important is art (and especially music) in your life?

It is an important tool for expression and for relief in my life. I don’t see the point of existing in our human form without art to understand and bring joy to the world. 

What does queer means to you ?

It is a celebration and identifier for everyone outside of the cis gender binary.

What is your relationship with religion ?

I consider myself to be spiritual and not religious any more. I believe in a greater power, but I understand it intuitively and not through the lens of religion. 

What is your best memory of a gig ?

My first show in Saint Nazaire.
It was my first time performing in France and I loved it, the people were welcoming and I fell in love with being on stage.

Concerning the south African hip hop scene,could you tell me about people you like or inspire you ?

Miriam Makeba, Thandiswa Mazwai, Sho Madjozi.

Why did you choose hip hop over any other music genre to convey your messages ?

Because I enjoy hip hop the most out of the kinds of music that exist. Hip hop is also DIY, so it has a lot of room for artistic experimentation.

Where did you record your EPs ?

I recorded Resilient in London. 

Is it difficult to find a record label ?

I don’t know as I am not particularly interested in signing with a label. If it happens, it happens. I am happy being independent for now.

How did you learn to rap ?

I taught myself through poetry.

What are your projects for the future ?
I will be releasing my debut album soon! Look out for it.

You can find their work on Youtube, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp and their website

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