Shhh! Couture Latex

Could you present yourself ? 

My name is Shoshanna and I am the owner and designer of Shhh! Couture Latex.

How did you create your brand ? How and why did you choose your brand name ? 

The name of the brand actually came from my nickname – Shush. That gave me the idea for Shhh! and I liked the sound of it! It sounds a bit cheeky and cute.

Why did you choose to work especially with latex ? 

I studied fashion design at university and had a part time job working for a latex clothing brand. I fell in love with the material and decided to try to create my own brand a few years after I graduated. Its such a fun and creative material to work with and its amazing what can be created – everything from tight catsuits to ballgowns!

What materials are you working with ?

At the moment I work exclusively with latex and I don’t think that will change. I worked with other fabrics for years but nothing can compare to latex! Especially with all of the amazing patterns and textures you can now get with latex.

Can you tell me about your creation process ? 

My design process varies but most of the time I get inspiration from things I see around me, especially colours! I like to create silhouettes you find in ‘regular’ fabrics in latex – this is usually my main inspiration!

What are your projects for 2023?

For this year I am hoping to release some new designs including some new gowns. I absolutely love how latex looks when there is a lot of material.

I will hopefully also create some new accessories with some fun details and some corsets too.

Could you describe your creations with 3 words ?

If I could only use three words to describe my designs in would be flirty, sexy and colourful!

You can follow her work on Instagram and purchase her creations on her website

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