Francheska Alexandra Welbourn

I am so overwhelmed by joy to have the chance to interview Francheska, one of the various alternative models I follow on Facebook, on a regular way. I feel proud that she had accepted to share with me, and you, a bit of her world, her wishes and her views.

Could you present yourself ?

My name is Francheska Alex welbourn I am 20 and Am a photographer student.

How did you start modelling ?

 I started modelling whilst I was in college when someone asked me to be a model for their project and i was only 17 then but I had a excitement being in front of the camera and I want to understand a bit more about modelling afterwards

How was your very first experience ?

My first experience was nerve racking as I didn’t know what to do but I did in a little way because of poses I would search for in my phone.


How many tatoos have you got ? Do they have a meaning to you ?

I have four tattoos and I am planning on getting more. They all mean something to me in my life and what I believe in and like. My first tattoo was my back piece and it is a symbol of my zodiac star sign which is Sagittarius. My second one was my roses which they are my favourite flowers and I am a nature person because I love the concept of Mother Nature and everything is natural and beautiful showing the beauty side on things. My third tattoo is my sternum piece which is showing women power as I am kind of feminist myself and the way I model, and as a photographer I want to break that stereotype.The sword is the meaning of power and my last tattoo is my heart because I do wear my heart on my sleeve and also it is due to a friendship I have with someone as we think alike and love the same things so he has the brain but most of all it’s that I always follow my heart in what I want to do in life to be successful

How would you describe your style ?

I would say my style is very diverse but it’s mostly pvc and lingerie clothing. I do like colourful makeup to represent my personality as most people say I am mad or funny

What overview on nudity do you try to defend ?

I try to defend that all women is beautiful, no matter what size they are it’s natural and people don’t need to change it. I want to be an inspiration to my target audience to get them to feel comfortable and confident with their own bodies. Before I started modelling I didn’t used to like my breast and now I love them because I learn that I should be comfortable with my own skin and brushing back the insecurities that I had .Modelling really helped me come out my comfort zone and I didn’t care about others judgement I did it for myself not for people.

Is it difficult to you to do nude modelling ? Why ? Why not ? ( does it change through time ?)

No, it isn’t hard to do nude modelling because when you have done modelling for a couple of years you get used to it and also not afraid of showing off your body

Do you consider yourself as “alternative” ?

I would say I am alternative because I don’t follow the norm of today’s society of being stereotypical, I think every women should capture themselves the way they want to. I think people gets misunderstood about modelling and it is a shame it becomes a lot deeper then taking a photograph and see a model : we do it because there is a meaning behind why we do it

Same question for “feminist” ?

Feminism means to me that showing how beautiful as women we are and giving a new way to break the stereotypes in today’s society.

Do you prefer being photographied or to photograph ? Why ?

I prefer being photographed because then I can start building my own fans but to  photograph to understand the nature of natural beauty.

If you could work with any photographer on Earth, who would you choose ( dead or alive) ?

I am a big fan of David Bailey’s work and I would love to meet and work with him to talk about his own work. He produce some amazing photographs as I really love his high contrast images which are in black and white.


How do you construct a photo session ? ( who contacts who, who chooses the place…)

Most photographers come to me if they want to shoot and where we be shooting but if I really want to work with them I mostly give them a message if they are interested doing a lingerie shoot and then I tell them I can travel down to his studio or location

What professional status have you ?

I am a self employed model without an agency helping me for work. I like working independently as I think that what makes me stronger and motivated as a model. I like setting my own rules when it comes to the term of working and collaborating.

Do you try to convey messages through your art ?

My message is that women should feel secure, not hiding their bodies and feeling insecure. I do feel like my message comes across as I do get messages saying « you’re really confident and I wish I was like that » and I always persuade them to do it by saying “anyone can do modelling just don’t care about who judges you” . the problem these days people are so caught up what people will think of them and they just need to say oh well I do it for me not for you.


Did you do studies to be a MUA ?

I didn’t do studies for MUA as I was self taught by looking in makeup tutorials on YouTube and it really helped me express myself through my image who views me.

Did you take lessons to be a dancer ? Where ? What ?

I used to do dancing at school for one of my opinions and I love working with girls who gave ideas what we can include in our dance routine and I had a distinction* but also before school I used to do gymnastics in primary school and at classes as I was very flexible and wanted to experience new things and what I can do to include to my talent.

What bands do you listen to these days ?

I love my rock music and heavy metal I am more of in this moment, Black Sabbath and royal blood type of girl but I mostly like anything which includes in rock and roll music.

Have you any projects of tatoos ?

I want to get my Harley Quinn tattoo done because she is my favourite villain in D.C comics I would say my personality is what I relate too as most people don’t understand me that much as I kind of have.

My own world I live in ahah.
I am a big marvel and D.C fan I do love my comics

What are your projects for the end of the year and 2019 ?

My own projects is that I am travelling around U.K for photo shoots and who I want to work with to get an understanding of photographers work and getting to know them and why they do it. Am doing a project of mine printing out magazines of all the images I have done with photographers as a portfolio but also I am creating calendars for people to buy them who are good fans of mine.
You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook

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